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Monetize Your Blog – Top Rated 7 Methods to Get Income in Blogs

08.08.2012 · Posted in Business Services, Internet
Blogging is a great experience online and it has become the great tool ti make money online. There are several ways to make money from your blogs. Lost of people express their opinions, share their observations, and just talk about everything they want. ...

Blogging is a great experience online. In fact, a lot people make blogging a pastime and an outlet expressing their opinions, share their observations, and just talk about everything they want. However, blogs these days aren’t just simply online journals. In fact, they are also great tools to make money on the internet.

If you are wondering how to make money from your blogs, there are actually a number of ways to monetize your site. Here are 7 things that can bring money to your blogging.

1. Google AdSense: Google AdSense is one of the popular ways to monetize your site. In fact, Google will prompt you upon creation of the blog to register and be part of the Google AdSense advertising where they post ads in your blog and you earn money per click on the ads made by your web readers. One key to earning in AdSense is to get targeted traffic to your blog.

2. Becoming an affiliate: If you become a joint venture partner, you can make utilization of your blog in promoting others products and making commissions if you get a sale of the product. By writing a good promotional material, your blog can increase your affiliate commissions and you can make good money online.

3. Write sponsored reviews: Another popular way to monetize your site is to write entries that are sponsored reviews. Companies and businesses often needs reviews to get the trust of online readers and for those who have the passion in writing and you’ve got a good blog with great traffic, you can indeed earn money with your blog through writing sponsored reviews.

4. Allow banner advertising inside your blog: You can also monetize your blog by selling an ad space and allow advertisers to post their ads. If your blog has wide readership, you can actually negotiate a higher rate for your ad spaces.

5. Accepting sponsors: You can also write entries in your blog wherein you can include text links redirecting your own readers to online sponsors. Most often, sponsors specify a repair rate on these sponsored text links and it is up to you if you grab the opportunity or not.

6. Donations: Yes, you can also request donations to monetize your site, but also make sure your blog has also helped your web readers or is useful and informative to request donations. If you are offering free online lessons on how to play the electric guitar and many online readers appreciate your site, there would be more likelihood of making money through donations.

7. Selling eBooks: Of course, you can also market something online. If you love writing or you are an expert on something, you can actually create an eBook and sell them directly on your blog. This will help make your site income generating in itself.

These are just some of the many ways to make your blog a profitable site. Of course, there are important factors. One is getting traffic for your site to make it as profitable while you want it to end up being.

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