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Phone Calls for Free Are Now Done by Help of Internet Technology – Entire World Before Our Eyes, is Getting Closer

06.25.2012 · Posted in Internet, Telecom Industry
Free calls will be possible today, with the help of internet calling. Smartphone calling app that facilitates a promotion of providing away free call, you can download that software and free calls just by registration. The USA phone number can be used from any country in the world where you have internet though most of ...

It’s easy to Talk to the world from Internet using VOIP promotional offers and save money.

Free calls will be possible today, due to the web calls. Thy could make as many free calls and send as many free text as you want using the possibility of internet. All you have to do to make a free call is to look for a smartphone calling app that facilitates a promotion of providing away free call for trying their software. You can download their calling software and download those free call just by registration.

The extraordinary part is that this USA phone number can be used from wherever they are any country in the world where you have internet. That is, if you are in India, you can connect free call from India to India at zero cost. Of course you will want at least a broadband or cable Internet connection but most of the growing cities throughout the world have such good speeds of Internet.

Obtaining the free phone number is also an inexpensive step. You can register with Google Voice and get a free USA phone number. If you are able to grab a free phone number via Google Voice you can obtain calls from your Gmail screen directly. However, if you are outside USA, you will find a warning that Google Voice is not supported in your country. What you can do, to solve this, is that you need to use a VPN application which will facilitate your Laptop as if you are in United States. This way you can make free calls using Google Voice as if you are in USA.

Other way to make free call is by downloading an United States phone number from Whistle phone. Whistle phone will give a max of 20 minutes of free call. Download their PC dialer or smartphone caller for your Android or gadget and continue getting free call to any US number. Google Voice can be used to make free call to USA as well as Canada.

If you own a Blackberry, it makes it is even easier for you to make free call. Download recommended one of plethora of services and start making free call and sending free text message to anyone anywhere any place in the globe. You shall download softwares such as Viber for Android, Viber for iPhone, Maaii for iPhone, MagicJack Plus for iPhone, NetTalk etc. These bunch of softwares may not provide you a free phone number though you can making free call to any people wherever they are any country in the globe through the similar application. Many of the softwares among the likes of NetTalk and MagicJack plus support you make calls to phone numbers in US and Canada. It is right, you can make free call to US and Canada.

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