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Presenting Elise Quevedo aka Twitter Girl

Elise Quevedo is the Author of 'Creating a Kick-Ass Attitude', an International Motivational Speaker and is one of the latest, newest and one of the most sought after Social Media Strategists and Social Media Managers of 2012. Elise believes in using simple words that everyone can understand when speaking and coaching. ...

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Online Writing Careers

07.30.2012 · Posted in Internet, Jobs, Writing and speaking

With online writing work opportunities you have the opportunity to maintain writing dreams in existence. You can work from home, function online, make your personal hours, get paid to create, and you can pick your own topics.There are different types online writing job types, so you can choose from a topic that you feel safe ...

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Understanding A number of Types Of Intelligences

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Testing was invented by Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon. Our school systems have come to rely on IQ and other standardized tests. This type of testing puts an excessive amount of focus on verbal-linguistic and math-logical intelligences, but they've ignored other sorts of intelligences. With the info age being upon us, now ...

Cover Letters for Work Hunting

04.27.2012 · Posted in Jobs, Writing and speaking

Cover letters can be the opportunity to succeed and on top of the stack for an occupation job interview. Cover letters tend to be individual and directed to a definite individual. The speaking can send info, demonstrate your requirements, underscore urgency, along with petition an appointment. A rightly planned cover letter will be able to ...

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