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Lauren Aquilina – Fools EP Review

10.01.2012 · Posted in Entertainment, Music Industry, Video

'Fools' is the introduction EP from 17-year-old pop-folk tinged songstress Lauren Aquilina. 'Fools' is a frank and truthful exploration of Lauren's music and personal trip to-date. This details the struggles confronted in the pursuit of dreams, the load of expectancy and loves gained and lost on the way. ...

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Netflix Free Trial Offer Faqs

08.30.2012 · Posted in Entertainment, Video

People are always attempting to find consumption. Netflix delivers Four weeks involving quick videos for free in his free trail offer. If you join the free trial, a specific item is exactly what you get. One can also use Netflix gift card which can be used as long since it offers adequate income for thirty ...

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Social Media And The Pop Tradition

The social media site turns into an incredible means of immediate connection with fans in a pop tradition. The social media page accommodates audio streaming of popular songs, video streaming of current music videos, photograph galleries and of course an online blog. These tools present a sense of instant connection between fans and artist. A ...

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