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Article Writing

Article Writing

Writing Article in proper format will help you for faster approval of your article. Readers interest line after line should increase as well as our Editors ease to understand before approval are key areas in writing and submitting article to NeteZine.

Tool to write article
We suggest you to use Notepad but you can even use Textpad as it’s much more powerful. We do not suggest HTML editors as rest of the things you can do with our WYSIWYG editor while you submit article on NeteZine.

Length of Article
We do not restrict length of article till it conveys what is to be conveyed correctly. Our intentions are to share knowledge along with promotion of your product / services. We suggest not to use more of special characters. Paragraphed topic text will surely help readers as well as editors to understand better.

Unique Content
We check for uniqueness of content submitted across Net. Your article should be original content written by you and not copied from other’s article. Our various tools implemented to help our editors automatically recognises. Editors may ban you account for further Article Submissions.

Consider readers as well as search engines while writing title of your article. Including as many as keywords subjective to your article will lead you to better viewership. Of course your title should be catchy to grab attention.

Use to the point words in formatting sentences & avoid long sentences. Use more keywords targeted to your subject. You should use Google Keyword Tool to check out for relevant as well as traffic centric keywords.

Cater Needs
Your article should cater to need of reader, explain problems & suggest solutions. Just don’t keep writing without focusing your target audience needs. Read related articles written by others, visit competition websites, find out the need of your customer, create a focus point of article & start writing.

First Para
Your 1st Paragraph is very important to create attention & concentration of reader. 1st Paragraph of Article should be short & should clearly state what the article is all about. Not doing so may lead readers to switch over to other article.

Article content paragraphed in 7-10 sentences is a wise way of writing. Each paragraph should cover different aspect/topic of your subject. Readers interest and attention should be considered in sequencing each of your paragraphs.

Resource Link
We allow only one Hyper Link per article & that should directly point to a website page. Normally Hyper Link should point to your own webpage, but it’s not a compulsion in cases were in article is related to general awareness. Multiple Hyper Link articles are often rejected by our editors. As our punch line / slogan line clearly says “Express, Educate & Promote”. NeteZine is not an advertisement platform but instead it’s a knowledge sharing platform helping you to express your solution, educate users & promote your product / services.

Resource box
We do not allow Resource box but instead we allow a formatted signature at bottom of each article.

Spelling and Grammar
Our is human edited approval system & hence each of article is reviewed for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Before readers reject your article our editors shall do that job.

Affiliate URLs
We do not allow Affiliate URLs. Instead we suggest you to send reader to your own website & from there you can redirect him to Affiliate URLs.

It’s Not Sales Letter
Informative & knowledge sharing is our prime concern. It’s a platform to express your expertise on subject. We suggest you to include tips, strategies and techniques helping reader to get solution. But we suggest don’t simply write a Sales Letter.

Don’t submit immediately
Instead of submitting article immediately after writing, we suggest you to keep for a while ( may be a day or two ), read it again and again, helping you to find out mistakes & making it more attractive for readers. Improving upon effectiveness will eventually attract more readers and visitors to your web site.


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