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About Us

Managed by team of Authors, Editors, Publishers & IT Professionals with an intention to create distinct place for Authors as well as Publishers for quality content. Each article posted is verified for it’s uniqueness as well as quality in terms of knowledge, grammar, etc.

Articles approved are shared across network of 1000’s of publishers creating very high visibility. Selective articles are shared via Social Media using FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. giving further more exposure to an Author’s work.

We give stress to knowledge base articles and our slogan is “Express, Educate & Promote”. We allow one Hyper Link per article pointing directly to your product / service page & we agree that author should get mileage to promote product / services, but on other hand we emphasis on to educate reader. Your article should be drafted to enlighten subjects and giving solutions / remedy to subject. Author can also create signature instead of adding Hyper Link within article which is more advisable. Our Punch line “Express, Educate & Promote” conveys our ideology.

We also suggest Authors to stick to Article Format while submitting for faster approvals. Our Article format is well adopted global standards of Press Releases as well as Knowledge Based Articles.

NeteZine – A distinct platform for Article publishing.


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